About Us

Our Mission

To maximize the value of our client’s firm at any point along their growth trajectory

Our Methodology


IAG’s perspective and advisory services are based on over three decades of leading and managing consulting practices through start-ups, turnarounds, and rapid market expansion. 


IAG focuses on providing solutions that have been successfully executed in our industry. Issues are best resolved when they are addressed in our daily, weekly, and monthly processes.


IAG provides scalable and effective solutions for your firm’s size. IAG listens and provides services from newly formed startups through national top 50 firms.

Strategy. Action. Results.

We believe that creating a plan gets in the way of having a plan. Too many times, team members with the best of intentions drill into the details and unearth the various challenges we will face as we pursue a strategy. As a result, the strategy unravels before it really gets started. Our philosophy is to not mix “what” with the ‘how”. Two distinct team discussions are needed to produce a strategy and the plan for implementation.


Developing and memorializing a vision for the firm is the first step in transformational growth.

Strategic Planning Facilitation & Documentation

Whether your firm’s plan is in your head or is facilitated for your team by IAG, I can help you put it on paper and make it real.
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Build a strategic plan that won't be left to languish once you return to your daily/monthly commitments.

Developing Reliable & Growing Pipeline of Revenue

The StART System makes a strategic plan a living and working document to ensure alignment between the firm’s vision and each unit’s business plan.
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Achieve your goals by developing new processes, improving pursuit hit rates, or streamlining financial metrics.

Process Enhancements

Implement tactics used in operational turnarounds, periods of rapid growth, and in preparation for ownership transition.
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Our Clients

Whether we are assisting a one person start up firm on their strategic plan or helping a Top 50 firm enter a new geography, IAG has a varied and diverse existing client base. Below are some of our existing client’s thoughts on our services and positive impacts on their firms.

Our Team

Matt Isaak

Valuation Associate

Are you ready to StART towards results?​