Revenue Pipeline Development


IAG’s StART System Helps Align Your Business Units

Connecting the overall strategic vision and plan with actionable and measurable business plans can be difficult. It is easy to lose the momentum that was present during the development of your plan. Emerging clients identified in your plan present new challenges for pre-positioning and teaming.

Set a uniform process

We provide our clients the tools and support to ensure progress towards strategic goals

Assign primary responsibility

Accountability is built into the framework giving your team the tools to understand their projected performance based on identified contracts

Differentiating Existing and Emerging Clients

Winning work from emerging clients is different from cross-selling to existing clients. Build a plan to maximize existing clients and reach new emerging clients.

Develop a Reliable and Growing Pipeline of Revenue

Given a completed strategic plan, IAG will assist your firm in the implementation using the StART System to make the plan a living and working document that ensures the connection and alignment between the firm’s vision and each unit’s business plan.

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What you get

How It Works

Consolidation of the strategic plan

Mapping the firm’s existing business units

Business unit managers prepare individual plans

Consolidate and roll up to corporate plan

Assess, implement and monitor plans

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StART Implementing Your Firm’s Strategic Plan