Leadership Development

Effective, customizable leadership training for AEC teams.

Leadership Development is Necessary, But Seems Unattainable.

As a leader, you know it’s critical to the longevity of your firm to invest in developing leaders inside your firm. However, outsourcing a leadership development program is challenging, considering the cost and scale of an off-the-shelf program. The alternative, creating an internal leadership development program, is also a costly option, assuming that you have the bandwidth and skills to take on the project while serving your clients.

Lack of Bandwidth

The firm’s leadership has limited time to manage program development.

Skills gap

Required skillsets are not typically present in most small to mid-sized firms.

Industry Fit for Vendors

Finding experienced content developers and facilitators to design and implement the program

Time & Cost

In-house development is subject to budget and staff’s time availability

You Can Build an Internal Leadership Pipeline in Your Small-Medium Firm

You can bring an interactive and impactful leadership development program to your firm with minimal strain on your internal resources. Capitalize on the IAG’s staff experience in developing leadership training and facilitating programs at multiple firms and for our clients by utilizing our Leadership Development Program.

Our curriculum addresses core leadership content, identifies specialty resources, and provides teaching materials. This allows your team to focus on customizing the program to your firm’s unique values, culture, and business model, minimizing time and cost while achieving your objective.

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How it Works


Review core curriculum


Collaborate with IAG to incorporate your firm’s unique values, culture, and business model


Identify candidates or employee subsets to participate in modules


Launch your Leadership development program


Schedule and coordinate event logistics

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