C-Suite Augmentation

Fractional C-Suite Support

Decades of experience leveraged to your firm’s benefit

Most small to midsize A&E firms don’t have access to a team of strategic thinkers with which to discuss and brainstorm solutions to issues arising from growth. Augmenting your leadership team with former C-suite professionals allows you to establish structure and process into which your firm can grow.

Grow the firm into an established culture

We have professionals that have served as C-suite officers for large A&E firms. IAG can supply part-time C professionals including:

Client Spotlight

What you get

A&E industry specific “C” suite  staff that has successfully served in the role previously. Capabilities include:

How It Works

Assess the firm’s need for senior leadership

Interview the C-suite professionals at IAG

Embed C-suite into your firm’s recurring business operations

IAG Can Help You Add Services and Locations