Strategic Planning


Create & Implement Your Firm's Strategic Plan

It’s common in our industry to neglect and minimize strategic planning. The barriers to developing and implementing an appropriate strategic plan are varied and real. Procrastination is the result of not knowing the answers to these questions:

Establish Relevant & Actionable Strategic Plans

We have facilitated strategic planning efforts for start-ups, regional and national firms. Whether your firm’s plan is in your head or is facilitated for your team by IAG, we can help you put it on paper and make it real.


Your firm’s vision is realized by implementing your mission in an environment that is defined by your core values.


With a shared vision, all parts of your organization, although acting independently, are aligned on a set of common goals


Key strategic hires are more likely to join a firm with a clear vision and the plan required to realize it.


Responsible parties are identified for the various components which leads to team accountability

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Identification of strategic team members

Facilitation of strategic planning session

Planning meeting summary & outcomes

Compilation of your draft plan

Create & Publish Your Firm’s Strategic Plan