Training & Development


Embed Talent Development and Retention into Your Firm's Culture

Attracting and retaining talent is easiest when the development of that talent is demonstratively a key tenet of the firm’s business culture. Talent development involves linking key processes together that yield trained employees that are ready for opportunities within a growing firm. Methods include:

Internal Team

Train or retool staff to optimize your team

External Partners

Strengthen the skillset of your staff by utilizing external vendor based training


Integrate your employee review system and training programs


Training and development program supporting your firm’s succession plan

Growing Your People

IAG has practical hands-on experience working with instructional designers in the development of in-house customized training programs. We have also developed programs for large firms that were implemented nationally.

What you get

How It Works

Needs assessment & goals

Instructional design

Methods & content development

Pilot program

Firm-wide launch

Get scalable solutions to train your staff